Renewing the blog

This story might be outdated:
This blog now uses Hugo, see Renewing the blog (again!)

For the people who knew the blog from before 2016, it’s completely gone.

Why ?

Because I previously used Dotclear, and it didn’t really fit my needs: it was too complex compared with my real needs. Plus, there were an issue with the Dotclear’s comment system, it was polluted by bots. So I decided to retire it.

Now I use Jekyll, and it’s really great. It allows to generate a completely static website !

If you’re interested by getting started with Jekyll, you can check out this blog that have plenty of Jekyll related posts. A must see !

Mais où est le Français ?

All the stories were in French, but from now on, I decided the main language of the blog will be English.

The main motivation is that there is not enough traffic for French articles, and English is the standard language for any developer.

It would have been nice to maintain a French version as a multilingual blog. I’ve tried that, but it’s already complicated to write stories, and translating them became a bottleneck, so I’ve decided to stop.

What kind of article will I find now on the blog?

It depends on what topic I want to aboard, but it’ll be mainly about computing and other software tweaks I’ve been into in my past. Web or iOS development, few tools I’ve tried like Pi.Hole, Homebridge… etc. Also I’ll try to aboard topic about security, IoT

The only main lock for this blog is that I don’t always have enough time or motivation to write. Don’t expect an new story each week.

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