Born near Paris, I’ve been a keen developer since my 11’s; and I’ve always loved understanding a bit more computer sciences and the development world in general. But it’s only when I started computing engineering in my school, L’école Centrale de Nantes, that I understood my pro life should be about computing as well. Since then, I’m a security engineer, software architect, and code owner for DiliTrust, and I work both for the web and iOS.

Beside, I like sound design & music, cinema, Parisian french way of life; and my cat Newton.

This blog

This blog is powered by Jekyll, and uses a customized version of Jekyll Minima as theme.

All pages are free of any social media tracker: No other javascript than my self-hosted Matomo’s are ever included.
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The server is a VPS provided by OVH and is powered by Debian and Nginx.

The stories

I’m not a really “content productive guy”. Writing software is something, and writing about it is something else!

I’ll try to write at least one story a year, about computing, iOS, software security, IoT, audio, or anything I need to talk about at some point.

Only the stories’ content, and embedded code extracts are under MIT License and may be reused.
The website code, design, logo, images or other content may not be reused.